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Birmingham, UK

Data recovery specialists

There are lots of programs meant to assist you when a crisis calls for data recovery. However, it's important to determine when you're able to do the job on your own, and when you will need to use a service.

Data recovery is a time-consuming procedure that the majority of the time demands some amount of technical knowledge to maintain the integrity of the lost data no matter what the cause. Hard disk recovery, when performed the wrong way, can cause permanent data-loss and harm on the disk surface.

Therefore, when it comes to deciding on software or specialist service, stop for a while and consider it twice. How much do you know about data recovery? Are your IT skills sufficient to carry out the operation on your own? Are the programs comprehensible and simple to use? Are there any warranties of complete recovery?

To those queries, add the most important: How critical is it for you or your company to get the data that has been lost?

Have in mind that specialists may recover all kinds of documents as they have the complete versions of the most advanced recovery software.

Birmingham, UK

Data Recovery Birmingham - repair & recover data of your hard drive, USB stick, SD card

TURN OFF YOUR DEVICE: internal or external hard drive, PC, Mac, RAID unit to limit the potential data loss and increase the success rate of hard drive recovery.

Faulty HDDs/drives rapidly deteriorate when they fail. Turning it off prevents complication and further unintended damage and will facilitate the data recovery.


You may seriously break your equipment unintentionally and further complicate the data recovery process which may lead to unsuccessful data recovery. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF!

IMMEDIATELY CALL 07405 149 750 and bring over for full recovery.

Hard disk breakdowns happen, but they aren't necessarily as catastrophic as you might have originally thought. I have seen all kinds of electronic and mechanical issues to internal and external hard drives and have managed to salvage something from all of them. I can recover data from almost every damaged hard drive – that includes all brands, format sizes and interfaces.

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Types of data recovery (software/logical) service I offer in Birmingham

I have successfully recovered data from different types of hard drives, sticks, SSD, HDD and other digital storage media since 2000.

Excellent track record of hard drive recovery

Hard drives save all of our important business and personal data, ranging from databases, emails and contracts to family photos taken on a holiday or a first-born child.

The horror comes when we realise that we suddenly have lost our valuable data.

It is like losing your keys to the house and you do not have any spare keys to get back to the house.

All of a sudden, you are locked out of your data.

Just don’t panic!
Birmingham, UK

I perform a wide variety of recovery service:

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions Data Transfer Recovery of Lost Data / Pictures Outlook email Recovery Mobile & Notebook Data Recovery Hard Drive, Flash Drive, SSD Data Recovery Data Erase from unused Hard Drives PC Data Backup and Recovery

Hardware issues

The storage devices presenting hardware issues (the ones that I nor any other computer shop can recover data from) can be sent to a partner data clinic. I've been using them for the past few years with a high rate of success.

Hardware issues fall under the Advanced and Advanced + plans.

If you don't have another healthy storage device, they can provide one to copy back your data onto.

Birmingham, UK
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